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The first calendar of employment events in Portugal

Talent Portugal is the first platform in Portugal that organizes information about the fast growing universe of job fairs, tech meetings, conferences and open days of companies.

Events where the candidates have the possibility to know better the offer of the companies as potential employers and to apply directly.

Talent Portugal sought to identify the most important filters in the search for events by the candidates. Here's the explanation for each one:

Free Search Field

It is the most relevant field in the whole search, since it not only allows finding by the name of the event, but also by the specializations of the events, which is determinant to find the event.

In the case of events promoted by Higher Education entities, the specializations include the courses, which allows to find, for example, events with courses in "Informatics" or "Information".

View on Google Maps

Allows you to identify events on Google Maps. Location Only locations in Portugal. Group by district.


Only the locations in Portugal. Grouping by district.

Type of Event

Academy of Trainees - Scheduled, intensive formations, usually covering several areas of the company, with a demanding selection process. Since most have fixed dates throughout the year, the centralized indication on the Talent Portugal platform allows candidates to avoid losing registration opportunities due to lack of information.

Conference - Many entities choose to hold employment events without the traditional stand model, but with pitches, talks, speed meetings, in order to enhance the knowledge and proximity between companies and candidates.

Professional Event - There is a growing trend of "traditional" events, to include also an area of ​​job fair or direct applications in the stands.

Job Fair - Are most of the events, particularly in Higher Education

Open Days - Talent Portugal's Employer Branding events have identified a great opening of companies to open their doors, as well as the candidates' interest in getting to know the companies physically. It is an area with potential for growth, although for now there are few events.

Tech Meeting - Growing events, especially in the IT sector. Events are organized from the nearest future date onwards. When they are finished, follow the past events, from the latest to the oldest.

Professional Areas

The professional areas apply especially to professional events, conferences and tech meetings. The employment fairs of Higher Education are organized by areas of the respective courses, so do not specify the professional areas.


The overwhelming majority of events are free, especially job fairs.

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