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There is already an employers' search engine in Portugal!

Talent Portugal sought to identify the most important filters in the search for companies by the candidates. Here's the explanation for each one:

Free Search Field

It is the most relevant field in all the search, since it not only allows finding by the name of the company, but also by the specializations of the companies, which proves decisive to find companies by specific characteristics of their activity, products or services.

View on Google Maps

Lets you identify businesses on Google Maps


Only locations in Portugal. Group by district.

Activity sector

We chose about 100 more representative sectors of activity.

Professional Areas

This site does not have job offers, these are on company websites, but it is possible to select between 20 Professional Areas.

Information Technology is highlighted, given the great demand for specific profiles.


Many of the companies present are global companies that are heavily in need of native or fluent foreign languages ​​(eg Shared Services Centers, Global Service Centers, Information Technology and Engineering Centers, Contact Centers, etc.).

English is the "lingua franca" of global companies. His knowledge is considered essential by the overwhelming majority of the best companies.

Portuguese not mandatory 

Can not speak Portuguese? It is not a problem for companies that have marked this option. This is a huge advantage in attracting foreigners who have the necessary skills but do not know how to speak Portuguese.

This innovative option of Talent Portugal, and the fact that it has an English version, allows foreign candidates to enter the Portuguese market, and companies have access to a huge potential talent capture market, which has come to be seen as an alternative source of candidates, particularly in technological areas.

No. of Employees

For those who want to choose companies based on their size: smaller companies, start-ups, or large companies.

Benefits and Equipments

One of the factors that can make a difference in the choice of a company.It is often necessary for the candidate to have public transport, daycare nearby, or health insurance may be highly valued or the existence of a car park is available.


Internships are increasingly sought by applicants and companies have been increasing their offerings, particularly as a form of integration of recent graduates:

Academy of Trainees - Scheduled, intensive formations, usually covering several areas of the company, with a demanding selection process.

Direct Candidature - Normal Application.

Curricular Internship - They form an integral part of many academic curricula. They are an opportunity for first contact with the world of work.

International Internship - Due to its presence in several countries, many companies make it possible to take an internship abroad, which has many advantages and facilitates the insertion of young people in the labor market.

Professional Internship - They consist of practical training in a work context, with the objective of complementing and improving the competences. The system of vocational training is regulated by a diploma of its own and excludes the internships and professional placements with state reimbursement. Know your rules in IEFP online.

Summer Internship - They aim to allow students to experiment in work contexts, through direct contact with the environment of an organization and consequent appreciation of their curriculum.


Talent Portugal created the concept of communities for companies that share a similar context, technology parks, chambers of commerce, regions, etc.

It is planned to interact the Talent Portugal website with the companies of each community in the community sites. See example Working in Tecmaia.

Do not hesitate to contact Talent Portugal if you want to create a community of companies in Talent Portugal!

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