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What the candidates say about finding the companies and Talent Portugal

Live and work in Portugal is great!

Séverine Feuillen, a joyful Belgian Flemish wanted to live here and found the perfect job at Linde Global Services, at the International Job Fair by Talent Portugal.

We're happy to help people from abroad find their opportunity in Portugal. :)


Portugal: a great country to live and work!

Portugal continues to attract foreigners!

Aleksandra Rogalska, from Poland, did Erasmus at ISEP and attended the International Job Fair of Talent Portugal. With several international experiences, Portugal and Porto, she loves so much, are definitely a destination to work!


Portugal: quality of education & low cost of living

Muthukkumar Arunachalam from India chose Porto to study, just like many other Indian students, for the quality of education (ISEP) and low cost of living comparing to Germany.

Portugal receives the Indian people with open arms, with whom we have a relation of +500 years.

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