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The first edition of the events Employer Branding - Networking and Best Practices was held in March 2017, where best practices were shared among companies, universities, students and professionals.

In order to cope with current market competition and the scarcity of talent in certain areas, companies must take active steps to promote, highlighting the aspects that differentiate them and making themselves known to candidates. It is in this context that Talent Portugal promoted two conferences (Porto and Lisbon) in March 2017, aimed at reflecting on companies' bets on Employer Branding, a technique that improves the image of institutions among employees and candidates. It should be noted that, according to a survey carried out by Talent Portugal to more than a dozen global service centers operating in Portugal, this was the outstanding technique to attract the best talent, specific profiles, involve employees internally and increase retention.

The two editions were held at Porto Business School and ISCTE Business School, and included topics such as the importance of social media, the use of media to communicate with candidates or the importance of videos in talent attraction campaigns, moments presented by experts areas such as consultancy, communication, advertising, social media or culture. In this event, the voice of companies - who presented and shared the best practices of the Employer Branding - joined the candidates, who explained what they are looking for in the labor market and in the companies, and there was space for a networking session and sharing of experiences between companies, universities, students and professionals.


Employer Branding 2019 - Best Practices and Networking, to be held in Lisbon on 30 January (9-18h):

- During the morning there will be good practices sharing in Employer Branding, with two world references in company culture and talent attraction (Great Place to Work and Universum Global), as well as several business case studies.

- During the afternoon there will be Networking Points with interaction between companies and organizations of candidates * (student associations and career bureaus of higher education, associations of foreigners and professional orders, at national level), besides the presentation of a survey on the best practices in the relationship between these entities.


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