Prime IT
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    Employees Number

    f. 1001-10.000

    Hires Next Year

    51-200 hires


    10 to 50 M€

    Average Age

    ~ 35 years old



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Prime IT is a Portuguese company specialized in IT, Telecom, Digital Marketing, Energy and Infrastructures projects.

Our 11 years of experience allow us to deliver the best solutions in Consultancy, Turn-key Projects, Project Management and Nearshoring. We are in over 50 cities worldwide, and we have 10 offices all over Europe.

The key to our success lays in the happiness, well-being and expertise of our specialized team of 1500 Primers!

PrimeIT | Always One Step Ahead

Uma empresa que reúne criatividade, profissionalismo, vontade e sucesso, graças a uma equipa motivada e realizada, que trabalha para fazer a diferença, todos os dias.

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