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We are an international Group, based in Portugal, that operates in the Food Distribution and Specialised Retail sectors.

Food Distribution is our main activity representing more than 95% of consolidated sales.

Through our supermarket (Pingo Doce) and cash & carry (Recheio) chains in Portugal, and our food store chains in Poland (Biedronka) and in Colombia (Ara), we share our passion for the food business with the more than four million consumers who visit our stores every day.

Jerónimo Martins: estágios e programas trainees

Estão presentes em três países: Portugal, Polónia e Colômbia.

Jerónimo Martins não procura um perfil específico mas sim um background académico consistente e sólido.

Problem Solvers make things happen

Operations Management Trainee Programme

The Operations Management Trainee Programme has been designed to ensure the balance between the comprehension of key business concepts and the development of practical skills through hands-on experience.

Throughout this 1-year experience, your progression is going to be fully accompanied by the Programme’s development team and by key mentors and colleagues.

We plan for the long haul!

Find out what you need to do in order to become an Operations Management Trainee

Summer Internship Programme - Overview

The Summer Internship Programme is a unique opportunity for students to join the world of Jerónimo Martins through an intensive learning experience during their summer break.

It is a chance to work side‑by‑side with our teams, taking on individual commitments that impact business processes and results, and ultimately the daily lives of thousands of our employees, business partners and customers.

We make sure that all of our Summer Interns are well prepared for their future challenges, as some of them might join our teams further on and continue their journey with us.

Summer Internship Programme

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