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Established in 1998, CRITICAL Software provides systems and software services for safety, mission and business-critical applications. We help to ensure our clients meet the most demanding quality standards for software safety, performance and reliability.

The very first client was none other than NASA. Today, we work in many different markets - including aerospace, energy, transport, maritime and defence - and we have offices in Portugal (Coimbra, Lisbon, Porto and Vila Real, with more offices expected to open soon), the UK (Southampton), Germany (Munich) and the USA (California).

We’re recruiting for all of our locations right now and, if you’d like to find out more, please take a look at the careers section of our website.

The Critical Difference

When you think of a technology company, what do you imagine?

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Summer Innovation Week

Summer Innovation Week fused imagination and technology as 25 talented university students joined us to create some amazing prototypes.

Robotics, IoT, AI, thermal cameras and virtual reality all played a big part in our students’ efforts to reinvent the future.

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