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    Employees Number

    f. 1001-10.000

    Hires Next Year

    200+ hires


    10 to 50 M€

    Average Age

    ~ 32 years old



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Concentrix is a leader in high-value global business services.

Based in over 25 countries with a staff of more than 100,000+ who speak 40+ languages, Concentrix offers industry expertise in 10 industries: Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Technology, Consumer Electronics, Retail & e-Commerce, Government & Public Sector, Media & Communications, Automotive and Travel, Transportation & Tourism.

Ahmed Aboulezz, Iberia Geo Leader at Concentrix, in the 1st Think tank of Talent Portugal (2016, Oct.):

"Typically, we're looking for skilled people with languages. Portugal is a place that was very good for our company. We've grown very much. We started out with 30 people and now we're 1200 people today.

Because of the skill of the people we find here in Portugal, the English, the French, the Italian, the Spanish, the German, that skill and that quality of people makes us invest in Portugal and grow even more.

We have now a new project in Portugal, it's the "At Home" project.

And we have about 215 people throughout Portugal, so located in the north and the south and in central. It's only growing and we plan to hire almost 500 people next year.

We have a location in Braga, a location in Matosinhos and we have the At Home location, so we'll spread that 500 to 600 people across those three."

We are growing.

It is getting bigger and better!

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