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BA is a glass producing company for the Food and Beverage Industry.

In BA, we Wrap Dreams Beyong Packaging, by HeART.

Founded in our four pillars (Shareholders, People, Customers and COnsumers), we work daily to provide the best experiences in Glass.


BA firmly believes that its employees play the key role in the process of building the company’s future, ensuring the sustainability of the group’s business and new dreams. BA has bet on the growth of its human capital.

Trough transparent methods of performance evaluation and career progress, BA intends to have a clear and motivating organization that allows people to embrace challenging and gratifying commitments, achieve professional growth and establish a balance between the professional and personal lives.

We hope to create, take advantage of, share and generate the knowledge and experience of each individual, guiding the development of their abilities and continuously matching the responsibilities conferred on our team members to that person’s expectations.

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