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A Aubay opera em mercados de alto valor em França e na Europa e tem atualmente 3881 funcionários, incluindo cerca de 2.000 em França.

A Aubay oferece consultoria em qualquer tipo de projeto de tecnologia, apoiando a transformação e modernização de sistemas de informação.

Em Portugal tem atualmente 600 colaboradores e encontra-se sediada em Lisboa e no Porto.



With experience since 1998, our services allow you to outsource your IT needs while optimizing the management of the human and technical resources associated with it. Our internal office numbers grow alongside our outsourcing business, to guarantee every member of our company has access to what we establish as fundamental: a consistent open channel with our management team.


Aubay is your partner in nearshoring your projects to Portugal, allowing you to benefit from several advantages such as cost reduction, cultural and geographical proximity, highly skilled professionals, similar time zone and plenty of sunshine. Wouldn’t you want to come by to Portugal to personally check on your project during our summer?

Turnkey Projects

We offer solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. In partnership, we find the solution that best fits the problem presented, ensuring the management of all stages of the project and a permanent interaction with our customers.

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