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The new Portuguese talent community, meeting point of candidates, companies and institutions, in Europe's West Coast!

What is the basis of our concept?

The (r)evolution of the employee/employer relationship.

Before, it was a privilege for a company to offer a job. The submissive worker responded to the advertisement that matched his profile, often without even knowing which company was hiring him. The interviews followed, as a process of natural selection, in which the company assumed the dominant role. Even today, many companies, in anachronistic processes, maintain this role.

But the "talent market" is changing. The relationship is now more balanced. Both the employee and employer have to present their "value proposition", they must be "attractive", and start their "dating", which will result, not in the "hiring" but in the "collaborative project" with the company. And if we look at "heated" markets, such as information technology, the situation is reversed and companies are already looking for candidates with the same procedure as before candidates searched for companies...

So was born EMPLOYER BRANDING, as a way to promote the attractiveness of companies.

What have we accomplished?

- As soon as Talent Portugal was launched, we promoted the International Job Fair in 2016, which was an innovative job fair, with the motto "Work in Portugal, Globally". It is an opportunity for a unique encounter between global students and global companies located in Portugal.

- We then held two events called Employer Branding - Networking and Best Practices, where best practices were shared among companies, universities, students and professionals. The next event will be in January 2019.

- Later, we developed the Porto Norte Talent Map for the Porto Municipality, an innovative study that allowed the mapping of the demand for talent by companies in the region and was attended by more than 50 companies, higher education institutions, IEFP and several public and private entities. This model is also applicable to companies.

- Also in 2017, suggested by several universities, motivated by the lack of structured information about employers and the fact that the candidates are more demanding in the information about companies, we launched the 1st edition of the Directory of Companies and Job Fairs, which was a success.

- We have done later the Fair of Job Fairs in Lisbon and Porto Employment Fair, which is already in the 2nd edition, and allows the best national employers to know all about the activities and job fairs that Higher Education entities and student associations carry out of the year, and so plan their presence and meet those responsible in person.

What initiatives are planned for the coming months?

We will maintain and reinforce the activities described above. With the support of partners, we will strengthen our consulting area to attract business candidates, including through dedicated consulting and support for attraction campaigns. In this case, they include attraction videos, stands for job fairs, event animation, landing page linked to a campaign, etc.

On 30 January 2019, it will be held the Employer Branding 2019 - Best Practices & Networking, , which will feature case studys, best practices and peer groups of companies and "candidate sources" to foster the generation and attraction of talent.

Register on the site and join us on social networks and keep aware of all our activities.

Updated January 2019

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