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Terms and Conditions


1. The present terms and conditions regulate the use and access of the web page www.talentportugal.com (hereinafter “Site”), property of ABOWIN PARTNERS LDA (hereinafter “ABOWIN”) with VAT nº 513907408, Rua de Gondarém, 468, 5º, Porto.
2.  The navigation and use of the Site and, if applicable, of services, contents and other web sites that the Site may refer to, assign you the condition of "User" and imply your acceptance, without any reservation, of these terms and conditions, please read them carefully.

3.   ABOWIN reserves the right to change and update, at any time and without notice, the present terms and conditions, as well as the Site’s presentation and/or configuration. Notification regarding these updates will be put available on the Site, in due time, for User’s knowledge. The use of the Site, once updated, implies the User’s acceptance of the updated terms and conditions.


TalentPortugal is a web platform that aims to create a talent community of candidates and top hiring companies, where one or the other can contact, consult and fill job opportunities in Portugal.

Upon registration, the platform allows candidates to load their CV and apply for a specific job offer or business and, if granted by the User, the access by companies registered on the Site to ABOWIN’s database in order to search for candidates with the desired profile.
There is also available the option to receive our weekly Newsletter.


Load your CV
With this feature the User uploads their CV to ABOWIN’s database and, with that, can apply for the jobs available on the Site. At that time, the User indicates one of two options:

1-    “Available to all companies”;

2-    “Only for the companies that you apply for”.
By selecting the first option, the user allows that information provided in the CV can be collected and inserted in ABOWIN’s database and disclosed to companies, listed on the Site, that seek applicants with a specific profile.
By selecting the second option, the uploaded information will only be available to companies indicated by the User.
In both situations the user expressly authorizes the processing of the data available for statistical purposes and dissemination of the Site activity. ABOWIN ensures that there will be no identity disclosure regarding this matter.
The User can, at any time, and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law 67/98, correct or erase any information provided by contacting TalentPortugal at: we@talentportugal.com. 

As above mentioned, upon registration, the User can activate the option to receive our Newsletter.

At any time, the User can access his personal area and disable one or more of the options described above.


4.1 – Intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, copyright and related rights) and industrial property rights and all sui generis rights on the Site, its features, programming code, databases that support it, its contents, its brand and domain name, are owned by ABOWIN or any third party  who have duly authorized their inclusion on the Site.

4.2 - Any use, other than those described, of any content or material protected by copyright and related rights, sui generis rights or industrial property rights lack previous authorization by the respective holder of rights.

4.3 - The rights to some content on the Site, including, but not limited to, images, marks, logos, names and descriptions are the ownership of the respective owners who promote and disclose them. ABOWIN shall not be liable for the unauthorized use from whoever it may be.

4.4 - ABOWIN is not responsible for the veracity of the contents of any, and all announcements, messages and other information to which the User may have access through the Site, which will be the exclusive responsibility of those duly identified as User and/or advertiser and/or third party that makes it available.

4.5 – The Site may contain connections to other web sites operated by other companies. ABOWIN does not control and therefore will in no way be held liable for these web sites.

4.6 – Without limitation, all referred rights are protected by international and national regulations withstanding that the provisions of the preceding paragraphs shall not affect more restrictive regimes contained in these standards.


ABOWIN, as best identified above, is the entity responsible for processing all personal data provided by Users of this Site. 

ABOWIN guarantees the protection, treatment and confidentiality of all personal data provided, in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law 67/98). In accordance with the provisions of the abovementioned Law, ABOWIN takes all necessary measures to prevent the alteration, leakage, unauthorized access or treatment of all personal data submitted.
In addition to the purposes listed above, the User expressly agrees that ABOWIN can process the data collected for statistical purposes.

The User agrees that the data provided and / or related to, can be transmitted and used for any of the purposes abovementioned, by any and all companies which are in a group relationship with ABOWIN, as such: companies that are partially owned by ABOWIN, companies are ABOWIN’s shareholder; or companies that are subsidiaries of companies holding part of ABOWIN’s capital.

ABOWIN undertakes total secrecy on the data and confidential information, as provided by the user, through the Site, using it only for the purposes mentioned in these terms and conditions with the exception of any legal request from a judicial or administrative authority, being, in this case, ABOWIN’s prerogative to disclose any information.

In accordance with applicable law and regulation, and without additional charges, the User may exercise its right to access, update and oppose the processing of data, upon written request directed to the following email address: we@talentportugal.com.


ABOWIN shall implement and maintain all technical and organizational measures appropriate for data protection against accidental destruction or unlawful broadcast or access, its tampering or loss, thus ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of all personal data. Such measures include, but are not limited to, security copies and limited treatment permissions in order to prevent access by unauthorized third parties.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, ABOWIN warns and the User accepts and warrants that he knows that internet usage is subject to constraints, defects and limitations and, in particular, that the collection, dissemination and data processing in open Networks involve risks and may be seen and used by unauthorized third parties, even against, and regardless of, ABOWIN’s will, contribution or knowledge. As such, ABOWIN, or any third party authorized by it, to process this data, will not be held responsible for such unauthorized access. On the other hand, by using the Site, either as a simple viewer or a registered User, may occur exposure to content that, regardless of ABOWIN’s will, violate these terms and conditions or applicable legal regulations. ABOWIN, and any third party authorizes by it, expressly reject any liability regarding these actions.


Registration on the Site presupposes integral knowledge of these terms and conditions and imply express acceptance of the, by the User.

The User is obliged to comply with these terms and conditions as well as any special usage instructions contained in the Site and act in accordance with the law, good customs and in good faith, by refraining to use the website in any manner that would impair the normal functioning of this and/or affect or damage any of ABOWIN’s property rights, and, in general, any third party.

Among others, and by no means limited to these examples, these are some of the User’s obligations and responsibilities:

1-    Fill all electronic forms regarding the User’s registration, and all uploaded data in PDF or other file format, in the most complete, accurate and true manner, and to keep them updated.

2-    To hold safe, and not disclose to any third part, the respective username and password.

3-    To not use the Site or any of the platform’s available forms to publicize illegal, unlawful or offensive content disrespecting the law, ethics or public order.

4-    Do not test the system vulnerability and break the security installed.

5-    Do not carry advertising, promotional or commercial activities through this website, not using the contents and / or information available through this website to send advertising, messages or any other commercial exploitation, or to collect and/or store personal data of third parties.

6-    Fully comply with all general and particular terms regarding the Site and its usage.


Without prejudice of other contractual or legal liabilities that the User’s conduct may be subject to, ABOWIN reserves itself the right to terminate, with immediate effect and without notice, all accounts and User records that violate any of these terms and conditions.

The User acknowledges all liability for damages, of any nature, suffered directly, or indirectly, by ABOWIN as a result of breaching of any of its obligations that arise from the present terms and conditions and privacy policy on the use of this Site.


Portuguese Law regulates all things regarding the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions.
The settling of any disputes arising from the Site’s usage, or the application of these terms and conditions, is of the Portuguese Courts exclusive competence.