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Yazaki is completing its global product portfolio in the area of AC charging connector systems for the field of electromobility. PowerYZer® is Yazaki’s new Type 2 charger (see image) and forms part of a comprehensive range of connectors. It was being presented to the public for the first time at the IZB 2016 in Wolfsburg.


The new charger complies with the IEC 62196-2 international standard and therefore meets all safety requirements for the European market. The Type 2 charger additionally offers a multitude of advantages for consumers, above all in the form of its increased charging efficiency, simple and convenient charging thanks to its ergonomic shape and individual and customer-specific design options.


Be it at home, work or at public charging posts, Yazaki's PowerYZer® guarantees reliable and robust charging using a single-phase or a three-phase charging mode.



Click below to check out more on our PowerYZer, at the Yazaki's PowerYZer® landing page and video


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