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Enhancing job creation

Enhancing job creation

28 July 2015

Creativesystems enhances job creation

Creativesystems assumes a major role on the labour market through its association with QUALIFICA IT program sponsored by InvestBraga on the 23rd of June.This initiative stems from a strategic and integrated vision of InvestBraga to channel investment, in partnership with the IEFP and the University of Minho, to promote the development of a talent-training program in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The QUALIFICA IT is a program that aims to support employability and investment in Braga on the ICT sector, through a significant increase in available skilled human resources. The ambition is that, during 2016, Braga enlists 200 new qualified people from QUALIFICA IT. This program was created for unemployed people with degrees in science, mathematics, engineering or technology in order to provide graduates with appropriated skills that are needed by software development companies, in particular with training in the current more used key technologies and programming languages. The first training phase begins as early as next September.


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