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Tyco RS acquires Creativesystems

Tyco RS acquires Creativesystems

12 January 2015

Tyco Retail Solutions Acquires Creativesystems

The companies expect Tyco's global reach and Creativesystems' nimble customization abilities in RFID integration will meet the needs of a retail market hungry for inventory tracking, security and business-analysis functions.

Tyco Retail Solutions, a Boca Raton, Fla., company owned by global security technologies firm Tyco, has acquired Creativesystems, a European RFID solutions provider based in Portugal. The acquisition, the terms of which have not been disclosed, will allow the two businesses to combine their RFID-based inventory-management solutions for a large customer base in Europe and globally. With the acquisition, Creativesystems will bring its ability to customize RFID solutions for retailers to Tyco's larger enterprise customer base.


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