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Office Admin

Location: Porto

Area: Management Support


Here at Mindera, we are continuously developing a fantastic team, and would love it for you to join us. As an

Office Admin, you will interact with everyone in the company (and outside, in Portuguese and English),

focused on Office/Admin/Operations activities, such as organize interviews, manage applications and

candidate follow up; shop for the office (food, supplies, tools, toys, equipment, ...); organize and host events

and activities, prepare files and communications; book travels, training and do all the little things that every

once in awhile just need to get done.



You are good at

➔ Knowing your value and feeling assured of your role in the group/team ­- self awareness is a must;

➔ Always aspiring to do a great job, no matter how big or small the task is;

➔ Engaging with people around you and striving to have mostly a positive impact;

➔ Communicating in a creative way.


You rock at

➔ Being self­driven, energetic, disciplined and be able to take a loose project description and drive it to

completion, with little help;

➔ Knowing what to do whilst not having a to­do list from anyone and accept challenges that need

birdseye view and attention to detail;

➔ Understanding numbers, basic data entry and logic and strategic thinking ­ problem solver.



We offer

➔ Fun, happy and politics ­free work culture built on the principles of lean, self organization;

➔ An opportunity to work in an IT company that is growing in a sustainable way;

➔ Competitive salary and benefits.